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  • We achieved 30% of the reduction of energy consumption, diminishing consumption per passenger from 32.44 kw to 22.75 kw.

  • In 2010 the reduction of solid waste reached 36% compared to 2009.

  • We reduce water consumption by 15% between 2010 and 2011

  • The fuel consumption in our activities was reduced by 7%.

  • More than 3000 amenities containers were recycled, allowing us to save USD $ 990.00 each year.

  • From January 2010 to July 2011 we recycled more than 4 million packages of amenities.

  • Over 35% of our staff has been trained to August 2011

  • 45% of our food comes from local suppliers - Cusco.

  • From January to August 2011 Sumaq´s collaborators had over 12 professional training.

At Sumaq, our sustainable practices are based on 3 fundamental themes:

  • We provide continuous support to neighboring communities in the form of educational materials, cultural events, etc.
  • We actively participate in events held by communities near Aguas Calientes.
  •
Economic Activities
  • For the purpose of improving the way the company is managed, we have implemented sustainable policies and planning of their execution based on the laws and regulations in force.
  •
  • We involve our travelers in our activities that preserve local traditions such as the Andean Wedding and the Payment to the Earth Ritual.
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The Sumaq Philosophy
Sustainable practices at Sumaq were implemented as a family and staff initiative and included in our organizational mission statement. From the start, we have kept our ethical and moral commitment to our stakeholders.

We are a team committed to providing unique experiences to our customers through personalized service, a creative cuisine in an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere that practices sustainable tourism activities.

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