Staff members wearing mask a taking oath at Hotel Sumaq

Update COVID-19


Letter from our CEO, Anibal Clavijo

Dear friends,
The reason for our company's existence has been and always will be to provide memorable experiences, leaving a Peruvian imprint for the world. I thank our team for their continued commitment to the company and their passion for
service to our guests.

Given the situation, at Sumaq we have adapted new biosafety protocols to continue transmitting confidence and well-being to our travelers. These implementations are carried out in various hotel environments including common areas, rooms, and recreational experiences inside and outside the hotel, as well as the execution of a health education and control plan for employees and

Thus, after a few months of the implementation of the new measures and the constant audit by the accrediting company in biosafety, Bureau Veritas, we were awarded the Safe Guard Seal, as a certification of compliance with biosafety protocols for Covid 19. And consequently, the Peruvian tourism union CANATUR, who also work in alliance with the accrediting company, recognized us with the Safe Place Seal for Sumaq's good practices in relation to the health
and safety care of its team members.
We understand the importance of giving our travelers peace of mind to plan their next trip. That is why our cancellation and reservation policies have been made more flexible in order to provide you with greater ease in booking with us.
We reaffirm our commitment to highlight Peruvian culture and gastronomy, with a passion for service and affection for our guests considering the new protocols.
At Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel we are ready and with great enthusiasm we want to give you the warmest welcome to lovers of Machu Picchu. 
Anibal Clavijo
Sumaq Machu Picchu CEO

Sumaq Hotel is certified with the Safe Travels seal

The Safe Travels seal is a set of health protocols that have an impact on safeguarding the health of travelers and tourism service providers, such as accommodations in this case. They have been designed under the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Some of the applicable protocols that the Safe Travels seal includes are the preparation of manuals and health and safety checklists, training for its workers, implementation of technology to avoid physical contact, and correct use of disinfection products and devices, among others.

Safety practices – Bio-security protocols


Sanitary measures – Rooms

  • Use of QR codes for all our information to replace all printed documents.
  • Disinfection protocols have been reinforced in all rooms.
  • Use of Ultra Violet Type C (UVC) technology that guarantees the disinfection of germs and bacteria in each area. In addition, a QR code will be obtained to trace the process.
  • All our disinfection protocols will be recorded in software that will allow us to have traceability.
  • Special protective equipment for all our personnel.
  • Alcohol gel and disinfectant in the room.
  • Security kit: Masks and gloves at the request of the guest.

Sanitary measures – Common areas

  • Reduction in the capacity of the common areas.
  • Social distance of 1.5 meters between people.
  • Use of QR code in informative materials.
  • Disinfection products in all areas.
  • Special protective equipment for all our personnel.
  • All our disinfection protocols will be recorded in software that will allow us to have traceability.
  • Use of Ultra Violet Type C (UVC) technology that guarantees the disinfection of germs and bacteria by area. In addition, a QR code will be obtained to trace the process.

Sanitary measures – Restaurant and Bar

  • Reduction of capacity.
  • Breakfast served at the table.
  • Digitization of the menus for the bar and kitchen by accessing QR codes.
  • Separate tables. Maximum 4 people per table.
  • Special protective equipment for all our personnel.
  • Safety recommendations displayed.
  • Our safety committee will constantly evaluate. 

Health and prevention for team members

  • Control chart for staff entrance.
  • Staff risk assessment.
  • Risk matrix according to health status.
  • Extension of medical rest in case of detection of COVID.
  • Constant training on COVID-19.
  • Information material for staff on the use of PPE products.
  • Our safety committee will constantly evaluate all protocols. 

Health and prevention for guests

  • Affidavit of passenger health to enter the hotel.
  • Communication on new biosecurity.
  • Informative and instructive material on the use of protection products in the hotel.
  • Registration of guest temperature.
  • Protocol of care for possible COVID patients.

Our allies in biosafety

Bureau Veritas

In January 2021, we received from Bureau Veritas, a leading global company in certification of biosafety protocols, two important accreditations in recognition of our new biosafety standards. The Safe Guard Seal certifies compliance of the hotel's sanitary protocols and the Safe Place Seal from CANATUR accredits the good practices of the company regarding the health and safety care of its team members. Both seals will continue to be audited by Bureau Veritas from time to time to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the protocols for hotel guests and staff.

Bureau Veritas was created in 1828; today it has more than 78,000 employees in more than 1,500 offices and laboratories around the world.


Chunghaemaru – Project TersurMax

Through a strategic alliance, we have incorporated high-tech equipment with Type C ultraviolet light into our biosafety protocols that will disinfect viruses and bacteria in specific areas of the hotel, such as rooms, public areas, and laundry areas.

Chunghaemaru is a company founded in South Korea and currently operates in Peru. It is a member of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), and participates as a technology provider in World Bank projects with CONCYTEC, the Ministry of Production, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Rainforest Alliance

Since 2008, our hotel has implemented responsible tourism management programs, processes, and plans in three areas of tourism sustainability (business, sociocultural, and environmental) that over the years have been monitored and permanently evaluated, which has enabled us to be verified and certified through 2019.

The Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Tourism certification program includes in its auditing standard for certification, global criteria for Sustainable Tourism, quality system indicators (ISO 9001-quality, ISO 14001-Environmental, OHSAS 18001, Safety and Health at Work, ISO 26000 - Corporate Social Responsibility CSR). Approved and recognized by the GSTC.