Cooking and Bar Masterclass: Hot Ceviche and Munay Sonqo Cocktail

Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 2 to 8 people

With a unique presentation, we designed the new Cooking and Bar Masterclass for our flagship dish, ceviche, in an exclusive style of hot ceviche over Andean stone embers and the cocktail Munay Sonqo, meaning a beautiful heart in Quechua, created with Caña Azul, a cane distillate, and bitter cocoa from Quillabamba.


  • Private chef and bartender culinary demonstration.
  • Tasting of the hot ceviche.
  • Tasting of the Munay Sonqo cocktail based on a cane distillate.
  • A recipe book.
A guy making Hot Ceviche & Munay Sonqo Cocktail at Hotel Sumaq