Visit to Urquillos, birthplace of the best corn in the world

Duration: 2 1/2 hours 
Capacity: from 1 to 10 guests  

During the trip, participants will have the opportunity to be surrounded by nature, typical houses, small farms, and attractive corn fields right next to a Historical Museum featuring a diversity of corn. They will even be able to taste Andean snacks based on corn. 

The experience includes:

  • A refreshing drink made from corn silk
  • Visit to the historical corn museum
  • Exhibition of the corn production process
  • Historical overview of corn and its designation as the world capital of white corn.
  • Visit to the farm and the corn cultivation
  • Visit to the haja wasi: tasting of yellow chicha, explanation of the production process.
  • Tasting of toasted corn or mote with cheese and uchucuta. (Made in the famous maran stone mill.)
  • Transfers to Urquillos to or from the Sumaq hotel.