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Experience mystical indulgence at a Machu Picchu spa, located within the five-star ambience of Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel.

Aqlla is Quechua for "chosen one". An appropriate name for this luxurious spa, where guests can release stress and imbalance, and enter a realm of blissful renewal. Body and soul connect in perfect harmony, with the spirit of the Ancient Inca at their core.

We offer massage, sauna and hydrotherapy treatments, at Machu Picchu’s only five-star hotel spa. Enter an unparalleled realm of Inca luxury, surrounded by soothing sounds and colors, and allow yourself to be pampered by our attentive staff.

Spa for couples

Aqlla Spa

Discover a new way to connect with your partner through this treatment that starts with a steam sauna session, helping you to begin disconnecting from stress.
Then, together you will receive a beneficial hydrotherapy treatment in our Jacuzzi where we will use 32 medicinal herbal essences that provide benefits for both body and spirit.
Finally, our specialists will give you a full body massage with Peruvian medicinal herbal essences, known for their therapeutic and curative properties.
Total connection and relaxation.
Duration: 85 minutes.

Imperial Spa

Enjoy a comprehensive treatment that we have prepared inspired by the indulgences of Inca royalty.
Start with a steam sauna session, then enjoy a Jacuzzi whirlpool where we will use 32 medicinal herbal essences from the Peruvian Andes. Here, you can take a few moments to enjoy some sparkling wine.
Thus, the body prepares to better receive the benefits of a refreshing body scrub, followed by the application of a mask using natural moisturizing ingredients such as papaya, lemon and lettuce. With the body properly hydrated, the couple receives full body massages, bringing them to a state of absolute calm and relaxation.
Duration: 125 minutes.

Apu Spa

This anti-stress treatment has been designed to help you feel utterly calm and relaxed. The session begins by enjoying our Jacuzzi whirlpool and its essences of 32 medicinal herbs.
Then, a moisturizing facial mask will be applied, with a base of chamomile and mallow, which has both a nutritive and soothing effect. When the mask is removed, an equally hydrating and nutritive cream with vitamin E, collagen, elastin and aloe extract will be applied.
While the skin of the face absorbs these properties, the treatment is closed with a relaxing massage. Ideal for travelers who have been very exposed to the sun on their
Duration: 60 minutes.

Individual services Aqlla Spa

Foot massage

A great way to relieve pain and tiredness of our feet, that part of the body that sustains us all day and more, especially if you are a great explorer while traveling. The foot massage creates a powerful relaxation effect on the entire body. Its effects are instantaneous, and help to control anxiety.
After a day of excursions or intense physical activity, motivate yourself to get pampered with a foot massage.
Duration: 40 minutes.

Spa foot massage

Ideal for tired and dehydrated feet, this is a comprehensive treatment that includes exfoliation, moisturizing and massage.
The first step is the exfoliation that removes dead cells and softens your feet. It is a brilliant way to prepare for a moisturizing mask with a fresh eucalyptus scent.
This therapy, although only on the feet, achieves calming affects that help to restore the energy balance.
Duration: 50 minutes.

Body massage

Using oils made with Andean medicinal herbs, this massage helps the person to experience a sensation of calm and muscular relaxation, relieving and relaxing the tensions in body and mind.
Each movement, accompanied by the properties of our oils, assists you to recover from tiredness, discomfort and the stresses of the modern world.
Duration: 50 minutes.

Aqlla massage

This therapy, using Andean medicinal herbal oils, consists of a continuous massage that goes from the head to the feet. Using different techniques, each part of the body is addressed. Capillary massages are ideal for relieving stress while body massages have, above all, relaxing and balancing effects.
Finally, the foot massage helps to improve blood circulation, complementing the treatment which will leave you feeling balanced and in a state of total relaxation.
Duration: 60 minutes.

Andean facial treatment

Quinoa and honey are very valuable products in the Andean culture, and we have created this deep cleansing and moisturizing facial so that you can enjoy their beneficial properties.
Quinoa has a high content of nutrients, proteins and minerals that help give elasticity to the skin, restoring its softness and toning it. Honey is an excellent moisturizer, among other properties. Take time to enjoy this facial using products made primarily from the treasured Peruvian quinoa and honey from Cusco fields, as well as collagen, elastin and shea, a powerful cellular regenerator of ancestral origin.
It is ideal for preventing premature aging of sensitive and dehydrated skin, and is extraordinarily effective.
Duration: 50 minutes.

Massage with andean hot stones

A pleasant way to achieve relaxation and body-mind equilibrium is through receiving a relaxing massage with Andean stones. With their energy and magnetic power, the blood circulation is stimulated, relieving muscle tensions and pain.
Because of its calming effects, this massage leads to a restful sleep. It is ideal after a day of excursion or high physical activity.
Duration: 60 minutes.

Sabai massage for body and face

This treatment is based on the principles of traditional Ayurvedic medicine from India.
Enjoy the therapeutic power of phytotherapy with the wide variety of herbs that we use in our pindas (small bags that contain herbs and aromatic and medicinal seeds) which, when heated and placed on the body and face, release their active properties in the body. They activate the chakras at the physical and energetic level, and have anti-inflammatory, de-stressing, analgesic, moisturizing and decongestant effects, among others.
Duration: 60 minutes.

Body massage with coca and muña essential oils

The coca leaf has been one of the most important foods for the Andean people because of its high mineral and amino acid content, while muña is an age-old herb with high medicinal value.
You can enjoy these benefits in this treatment that includes a body scrub, the application of a body mask, and relaxing massages using coca and muña oils, allowing you to feel revitalized and in connection with the Andes.
Duration: 120 minutes.

Maras Spa body massage

With more than five thousand years of existence, the pink salt of Maras (a town in the Cusco region) was used by the Incas in their food for its high energetic and mineral value.
Today, in Aqlla Spa, it is our main natural scrub. This treatment begins with a body exfoliation using the ancestral salt from Maras. Then, a hydrating and refreshing body mask with a base of papaya, lemon and lettuce is applied that will leave a prolonged refreshing sensation.
Finally, you will receive a relaxing massage with Andean herbal oils such as lemon grass, chamomile, mint and eucalyptus, among others, that have many therapeutic and medicinal attributes.
Duration: 90 minutes.


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