Since our beginning in 2007, at Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel we have worked with the commiment to provide experiences in a sustainable enviroment that preserves and respects the three areas of operations of influence: economic, social and enviromental.


During this time we have been working as a responsible organization that acts under the principles of trust, loyalty, dedication to service, adaptation to change, teamwork, and a spirit of collaboration, with the aim of achieving a favorable future for all our constituents.


Our main strategic objective at the organizational level are the following:


  1. Support local development through concrete actions for the population and public entities of Machu Picchu Pueblo.
  2. Adopt the necessary measures to avoid or minimize the possible enviromental and social impacts of our tourist activities.
  3. Manage the organization in a sustainable way, in a way that respects both human beings and the environment.

Strategic Alliances

  • Bureau Veritas
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Gnosis 
  • Tersus max 
  • Aliados estratégicos
  • Kaya - productos biodegradables
  • Hudson
  • ECO Contratista 
  • Vital Salud 

Below, we provide a summary ogf the 3 areas of development of sustainable pracices that were designed with the support of the conservation organization Rainforest Alliance and that we have carried out at the hotel to date.


  • We have a plan for saving and efficient management of natural resources, involving our guests and collaborators. 
  • we have had the advice of Aliados Estratégicos to improve the procedure for the use and saving of water, electricity, oil and gas.
  • we have a Solid Waste Managemente Plan, with the policies in all areas of the hotel, involving  our guests as well. 
  • Environmental  education talks are held in coordination with the Municipality, Ministry of culture and SERNAMP.
  • Rigorous  policies prohibiting the sales, traffic, exhibition, extraction, or introduction of wild species and the feeding of these.
  • Use of biodegradable chemical products from the company HUDSON PERU.
  • Acquisition by preference of environmentally friendly supplies such as recycled paper, organic food, etc.
  • Reforestation of the banks of the Vilcanota River with the support if SERNANP.
  • Purchase of flowers from the community of Piry - Ollantaytambo, flowers for the decoration of the hotel, avoiding the depredation of the local flora.
  • Ongoing training for the hotel´s gardening staff wth the support of SERNAMP for the protection of the flora. 
  • Cleaning of the ducts and grease traps, working with the company M&V.
  • Use of enzymes to clean the water from the septic tank.
  • Monthly fumigation with biodegradable products with the company Eco Contratista.
  • Use of biodegradable products from the Kaya company, such as packaging products and takeaway containers.
  • Use of glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.
  • Donation of used cooking oil to a company responsible for its transformation into fuel.


  • The hotel does not participate in, nor does it allow the sale, trafficking or exhibition of archaeological artifacts.
  • Prohibition of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • Promotion and suppport of cultural sports or charitable activites carried out in the area.
  • Code of conduct for guests visiting local communities.
  • Actions in favor of maintaining the traditions and habits of the communities.
  • Written commitment document from the hotel on its position in relation to ethnic, social and gender equity, as well as child labor. 
  • Support to communities with the purchase of their products such as in Chinchero ( native potatoes), Ollantaytambo ( flowers and aromatic herbs), Urubamba ( vegetables), Quillabamba ( cocoa), Anta ( mushrooms), Cusipata ( strawberries), Pisac ( crafts).
  • Social aid program for surrounding communities and health campaigns for staff with the support of Essalud, MINSA, and Vital Salud.
  • Green employment hiring 80% of the hotel employees from local areas. ( Machu Picchu Pueblo, Quillabamba, Sacred Valley, Cusco)


  • The company has agreements with public and private entities for the development of different training for hotel staff.
  • Actions to improve the work enviroment and awards to workers with the best performance through an agreement with the company Gnosis.
  • Activation of the Healthy Lifestyle program, hiring a nutritionist and modifying the staff menu.
  • Advice from Aliados Energeticos to improve the procedure for the use and saving of water, electricity, oil and gas.
  • Support for communities with donations.
  • Compliance with the labor laws of the country.
  • The company has free private medical support for its workers.



Rainforest Alliance certificate ( valid until 2020)

Biosafety seals: SAFE GUARD - SAFE PLACE