Discover the Archaeological Complex of Moray

As you may have observed from the first day of your visit, the region of Cusco is home to spaces full of life, harmony, and ancestral knowledge. From the Main Plaza up to the high mountains, the Inca culture has left its indelible mark on the constructions built and carved into mother stone that awaken the awe of everyone who is fortunate enough to see them. The mystery of each archaeological site is due to the fact that the technological process employed remains uncertain. Thus, of all the lithic wonders inherited by the Incas, Moray is one of the most outstanding because it shows a very advanced technology for its time.

At 3 500 m.a.s.l. and 7 km from Maras, right in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is the archaeological site of Moray, which from afar has the shape of an amphitheater. But do not be fooled by first impressions. The place name of the site has two explanations. One is that of Andrés Alencastre, a scholar of Quechua, who tells us that the word Moray comes from a bad interpretation of that language, and that the name of this place comes from two words–muyu (round) and uray (below)–that would give the significance of a circular place in the lower part. On the other hand, the word Moray is linked to the corn harvest and to the month of May–aymoray.

It is believed that these remains were an Inca agricultural research center whose main objective was the experimentation of crops at different heights. This is evidenced by the way that the terraces are so harmoniously arranged, thus causing microclimates resulting in higher temperatures in the center of the platforms, while in the upper and outer parts, temperatures would be lower.

Great is the surprise of the visitors when they learn that these beautiful terraces can simulate up to 20 different types of microclimates giving the power to model and calculate agricultural production not only for the Urubamba Valley, but to many other corners of the Tahuantinsuyo as well. Also, the organization is such that these platforms are divided into three large sectors where the warmth and humidity of the land depends on its proximity to the central point of the platforms and the sun exposure during the different seasons of the year.

At Sumaq Hotel Machu Picchu Hotel, we are pleased to know that our guests leave our country recharged not only by the energies of these mystical lands, but also by the ancestral knowledge acquired. The reasons for the creation of the Moray archaeological site are secondary, but to stop visiting it is something that should never happen. Book a visit with us–write us at – and be sure to be fascinated by the mysteries of these lands and their people.