Adventures with Allco and his friends tour in Machu Picchu

Three kids exploring with a tour guide near Hotel Sumaq
Tourists exploring Machu Picchu Mountains near Hotel Sumaq

Enjoy Machu Picchu as a family and accompanied by the Inca puppy “Allco”. With the little ones in mind, at Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel we have designed a playful tour of the citadel, where parents and children will make a fascinating visit with their guides, a map, and a children’s explorer kit.   “Adventures with Allco in Machu Picchu” offers a dynamic experience to explore the wonder and learn more about its history and architecture.  

The Half Day Tour includes:

  • Entrance ticket to the citadel of Machu Picchu
  • Roundtrip bus tickets
  • 1 tourist guide for the child/children
  • 1 tourist guide for the parents
  • Explorer kit for the child/children
  • Box lunch

The Explorer Kit includes:
A backpack, a map; a stuffed animal, “Allco”; a hat; and a magnifying glass.


  • Ages: 6 – 11 years
  • Duration of activity: 4 hours
  • Level of difficulty: low


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