Romantic "Munayki"

Tasting Menu

From the importance of Mother Earth for all of her abundance and love that she provides us, we want to pay homage to the stories that revolve around her and to the communities located in the heights where they provide us with corn, potatoes, vegetables, Andean cereals, traditional dishes such as Chiriuchu and the ceremonies of veneration such as those to the Goddess of Corn.

The gastronomic ceremony of love...

This is how we created the romantic tasting menu dinner Munayki (“I love you” in the Quechua), a harmony of dishes in 6 courses in which much more than palates will be stimulated by savoring the most exquisite creations based on Andean ingredients. In addition to loving the provenance of the fruits of Pachamama, diners will also be enchanted by the story behind each dish.