"Flavors of the andes" Apucc Mikhuna

Tasting Menu

Our chefs Carlos Pardo Figueroa and Ribelino Alegría are great connoisseurs of the flavors that are hidden by the Apus (mountains); they have rescued many of the fruits of the land that had been forgotten by the Peruvian tables for centuries. Thanks to their work promoting crops in high Andean communities located at more than 12,139 feets and to the researching of new products that are fused with contemporary culinary techniques, they’ve given birth to our new tasting menu, Flavors of the Andes: Apucc Mikhuna (which in Quechua means the food that the mountains bring us).

From the Andes to your table...

The tasting menu, flavors of the Andes: Apucc Mikhuna, revels in an exquisite and rich list of native ingredients that have originality and history. It is a high level gastronomic trip in which more than 35 ingredients coming from sustainable communities located within 50 kilometers surrounding our hotel merge together.