Spiritual ceremony to Pachamama or Mother Earth

The celebration of Pachamama has its special date during the first day of August and throughout this month. Both in Peru and in some South American countries, this ceremony takes on great importance as a way of thanking Mother Earth for everything she gives us and for everything we take from her. It is a new cycle of renewal of the spirit.
In this ritual, an offering is made where we place our best wishes such as love, union and above all reciprocity, something very valuable since the times of the Incas. This celebration to mother earth is also known as "offering to Pachamama".
During this event two worlds are brought into balance, one the material through symbolic offerings such as Andean cereals, precious metals or candies; and another the spiritual world represented by special requests or the spiritual connection with the gods of the Andean worldview.
If you are looking for an authentic and ancestral experience during your trip to Machu Picchu, do not hesitate to be part of this traditional ceremony that will connect with the spirituality and mysticism of the Peruvian Andes. Ask us for more information about this private ceremony at reservations@sumaqhotelperu.com