Sumaq Gastronomy

The culinary art of Peru is widely recognized by gastronomy experts as one of the most exciting and exquisite cuisines in the world. With Qunuq Restaurant and Suquy Café & Bar, Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel's cuisine draws on influences from other countries and enhances traditional Peruvian cuisine. It takes Andean roots, foods from local communities– "the culinary legacy of the Incas", and fuses them with contemporary culinary techniques in authentic menus with an unforgettable style.

An image of a drink pouring to a two handled cup at Hotel Sumaq

Taste the Andean Chichas of the Apus

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A chef guiding a lady with an apron to cook at Hotel Sumaq

Culinary Demonstrations

A chef and two kids in aprons making cookies at Hotel Sumaq

Mini Chef Classes

A farmer collecting its harvest to clay pot near Hotel Sumaq

The Culinary Demonstration of Pachamanca

A guy making Hot Ceviche & Munay Sonqo Cocktail at Hotel Sumaq

Cooking and Bar Masterclass: Hot Ceviche and Munay Sonqo Cocktail

An image of a hand full of coffee at Hotel Sumaq

Tasting of organic coffees

Tourists having a picnic near a paddy field near Hotel Sumaq

Visit to native tuber fields in Chinchero

A bartender serving a glass of cocktail at Hotel Sumaq

Tasting of spirits distilled from sugar cane of the Andes

Tasting Menus

In addition to the regular menu, we also have unique tasting menus that offer a fabulous way to try more of our master chef’s delicious creations. Please let us know if we can reserve one of these exclusive options for you!

Gastronomy with Social Commitment

Throughout the year, Sumaq works in partnership with communities located high in the Andes, such as Quishuarcancha, Parcaraqui, and Huatata in Chinchero, as well as the small community of Ccorca that is home to fewer than 200 people. With their high quality ingredients, such as the potatoes from Huatata where 350 different varieties are grown, Sumaq pairs modern gastronomic techniques to create dishes that have been highlighted at some of the top gastronomic events in the world including City Meals on Wheels in NYC in 2018 and Virtuoso’s Culinary Globetrotting event in Las Vegas. As we support and work hand-in-hand with our community partners, we want to honor them and show the world one more reason why these ancient traditions should be valued. Without them, our culinary offerings distinguished at these global events could not exist.

A person painting a huge clay pot  near Hotel Sumaq
A person presenting a bowl fresh fruits near Hotel Sumaq
Tourists taking a picture with fresh harvest near Hotel Sumaq
Foreigners taking a picture with local people near Hotel Sumaq

Our Chefs

A chef presenting a nicely plated food at Hotel Sumaq

Carlos Pardo Figueroa

Executive chef at Qunuq Restaurant

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A chef posing for a picture with ingredients at Hotel Sumaq

Ribelino Alegría

Resident chef at Qunuq Restaurant

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