Sumaq Wellness Journey

Set out on a path of balance, self-knowledge, and renewal. This is your time to indulge your senses and reconnect with health and wellness.

Our rooms become a haven of relaxation and self-love. There you will find a menu of pillows, an exclusive selection of sleeping music, and a salt lamp that brings significant benefits to the body and mind.

You will also receive a self-care kit with a crystal, candle, eye mask, and lavender essential oil to increase your level of relaxation.

You will enjoy a special bath that is a gift for the body and mind. With oils and medicinal herbs in the shower and in your Jacuzzi, you will get the regeneration that your skin needs.

Our terrace is an inspiring space for your personal practices. There you can reconnect with the essence of your spirit through a session of guided meditation, the Prana Ritual, and the selection of Mantras. A unique opportunity to balance the emotions and energy of the body.