Two people enjoying a relaxing massage at Hotel Sumaq


A haven for relaxation

Honor and restore your body and spirit by choosing a personalized Sumaq wellness experience.  

We offer options to expand and guide your path to equilibrium through rest and wellness practices.

In addition to wellness experiences, enjoy the Aqlla Spa with extraordinary sessions that combine relaxation and ancient Inca techniques for the body and mind.

Treatments & Services

A couple enjoying Aqlla treatment with champagne at Hotel Sumaq

Aqlla treatment

Duration: 90 minutes

Discover a new way to connect with your partner through this treatment that begins with a special session to help you become stress-free.

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Couple enjoying massage from Imperial treatment at Hotel Sumaq

Imperial treatment

Duration: 130 minutes

Enjoy a comprehensive treatment inspired by the indulgences of Inca royalty. Start with a steam sauna session, and then enjoy a Jacuzzi whirlpool where we will use 32 medicinal herbal essences from the Peruvian Andes. Here, you can take a few moments to enjoy some sparkling wine.

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View from far of Maras: Salt of the Incas near Hotel Sumaq

Maras spa body massage

Duration: 90 minutes

For more than five thousand years, the pink salt of Maras (a town in the Cusco region) was used by the Incas in their food for its high energetic and mineral value.

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A client having Massage with andean hot stones at Hotel Sumaq

Sabai massage for body & face

Duration: 60 minutes

This treatment is based on the principles of traditional Ayurvedic medicine from India. Enjoy the therapeutic power of phytotherapy with the wide variety of herbs that we use in our pindas (small bags that contain herbs and aromatic and medicinal seeds) which, when heated and placed on the body and face, release their active properties in the body.

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A client having Massage with andean hot stones at Hotel Sumaq

Massage with andean hot stones

Duration: 60 minutes

Achieve total relaxation and body-mind equilibrium through a peaceful massage with Andean stones. With the stones’ energy and magnetic power, the blood circulation is stimulated to give the ultimate relaxation for muscle tensions and pain.

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Having a Full body massage from Aqlla massage at Hotel Sumaq

Aqlla massage

Duration: 60 minutes

This therapy, using Andean medicinal herbal oils, consists of a continuous massage that extends from head-to-toe. Using different techniques, each part of the body is addressed for a calm and serene effect. Capillary massages are ideal for relieving stress while body massages have, above all, relaxing and balancing effects.

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Body massages from Hotel Sumaq's spa

Body massage

Duration: 50 minutes

Enjoy oils made with Andean medicinal herbs, as this massage helps you experience a sensation of calm and muscular relaxation to relieve and relax the tensions in body and mind. Each movement, accompanied by the properties of our oils, assists your recovery from the weariness, distress and tension of the modern world.

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Gentle foot massages from Hotel Sumaq's spa

Spa foot massage

Duration: 50 minutes

Ideal for tired and dehydrated feet, this is a comprehensive treatment that includes exfoliation, moisturizing and massage.

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Having a foot massage from the Hotel Sumaq's spa

Foot massage

Duration: 40 minutes

Whether you plan an active stay, or not, this is a great way to relieve foot pain and fatigue. The foot massage creates a powerful relaxation effect on the entire body. Its effects are instantaneous and help to control anxiety to provide serenity from head-to-toe.

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A girl relaxing in Sumaq Wellness Journey at Hotel Sumaq

Sumaq Wellness Journey

Set out on a path of balance, self-knowledge, and renewal. This is your time to indulge your senses and reconnect with health and wellness.

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